Environmental Essays Written by Kids

Covid-19 has given us enough evidence to realize that only humans are capable of both protecting and destroying the environment. We went into lockdown and the earth began to heal itself. Pollution levels dropped, and the surroundings regained their natural value.

Lockdown has made us retrospect our actions, which made the World Environment Day 2020 even more valuable. And as a segment to acknowledge this day, Ecopurple asked a few kids to jot down essays, to understand how the young minds perceive the environment.

To keep it genuine, the following essays have not been polished by correcting the writing errors; the reason is for you to cherish their innocence.

1️⃣ By Aditi Kumbhar, age 12.

World Environment Day

We celebrate World environment day on the 5th of June; it promotes ways to improve the Earth’s environment, such as conserving forests and preventing pollution.

Global warming is one of the main causes of air pollution. It is caused by increased rates of methane and CO2 in air which results in the melting of ice capes. Due to the increased population of vehicles and frequent cutting of trees, the CO2 in the air is increasing. The industries discard all the wastes in water which affects the organisms living in the water. Disposal of non-biodegradable waste such as plastics causes the death of animals who eat them. The burning of plastics also causes air pollution.

We need to control all this before the situation gets worse. Plastic bags should be strictly prohibited. Tress should be planted frequently. Public transport should be promoted. Water should be used wisely. The dry waste and wet waste should be separated and their disposal should be done carefully. Earth is like our home and we must make efforts to keep it clean and green.

2️⃣ By Yatish Chipkar, age 11.

World Environment Day

The environment is one of the most important aspects of survival on earth. it is the thing that can make life sustainable.  we cannot survive a single day without it. 

World Environment Day was established in 1972 on the first day of the Stockholm conference. In 1974 the first day of World Environment Day was held. As we are going under the current situation we should at least try to plant one plant in front of our house we should try not to use more water on this day. Try to use products that are sustainable and are made out of biodegrading materials. Try to recycle waste rather than throwing it. 

The most dangerous thing for the environment is pollution. Pollution harms the environment poisoning lakes and soil. It kills the plants and animals and humans are harmed by pollution too. W are can save the planet and stay away from pollution by not using single-use items like plastic, walk more rather than using vehicles, conserve water, and plant trees instead of cutting them. 

Come let’s save the environment rather than destroying it.

3️⃣ By Shubham Jhala, age 11.

Environment and Pollution

Pollution is something people have created. pollution classified into four groups air water land and noise. 

Water pollution happens when waste is dumped on a water body like Ocean, Seas, and lakes. This causes the area where the waste was disposed to be polluted and no longer support life. 

Land pollution happens when people throw waste on the ground which then soaks into the soil and makes it unfertilized. 

Noise pollution happens when there is a lot of noise due to construction, cars honking, or kids shouting. This makes school children not concentrate and patients in the hospital uncomfortable that is why they are no noise zones. 

Air pollution happens when factories leave smoke; this causes breathing-related problems and hard to breathe. 

The environment is something that is all around us and these pollutions are harmful to it. We all need to help in saving our environment by reducing all kinds of pollution.

4️⃣ By Yash Koli, age 11.

Environment Day

The environment is a God-created atmosphere on earth where we are born, grow, play, Love, and live. It consists of water, air, plants, and animals. It is our original home for living.

Before creating life on earth, God created air, water, soil, and plants which are essential for our life. Our environment consists of living and non-living things. They can be classified as the natural environment and the built environment. The natural environment is something that has been in existence for long, it is God gifted; and the built environment is the one that has been created by man.

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year. People from more than a hundred countries celebrate this day. Furthermore, World Environment Day is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  since the year 1973. The main purpose of celebrating this day was to spread awareness. The awareness was about the conservation of our environment. 

We want our environment to be safe, but there are few pollutions, which affect our environment. Pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution, etc.

I want to talk about air pollution. It is one of the major concerns regarding the environment. Air pollution is the addition of any harmful gases to the atmosphere which causes damage to the environment and human health. Some of the measures to control air pollution can be reducing the use of automobiles, plant more plants go solar, etc. 

We have to save our environment from air pollution.

5️⃣ By Tanmay Naik, age 12.

Our Environment

Every year, 5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day. To create awareness towards the conservation of our resources like food, water, and electricity. Our environment is beautiful, but day by day we are making it dirty.

Some people throw garbage in rivers, lakes, and Ponds; and water cannot be used anymore. Some people fall ill because of water pollution.

Some ways to reduce pollution are: stop throwing garbage on the road and water to reduce land and water, planting more trees to reduce air pollution. Plant trees to save and to keep our environment clean.


These youngsters have mentioned some important points that we adults, who are capable of creating a change should consider. 

It’s never too late to educate ourselves and adopt responsible practices for the sustenance of our species.

We can help shape the minds of the generation to come by inculcating the importance of our ecosystems within them.

Let’s be conscious. 

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