What is Ecopurple?

Colors are known to signify emotions; they have a meaning, a purpose. Likewise, the color purple symbolizes creativity, luxury, extravagance, etc

Hence, Ecopurple – eco-creativity, is designed to showcase stories, products, creative green initiatives, and give them a shout out.


My Story

Growing up with environmental studies just as a secondary subject, I was taught about the Three ‘R’s of waste management – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The term Upcycle was rarely encountered. However, I did have the ‘Best out of Waste’ class once a week. Back then, my mind perceived this activity as just another craft session and could not comprehend the importance that this idea of art from scrap can make a significant difference towards sustainable living.

Fast forward to June 2019. I went for a trek in the Himalayas and got introduced to the idea of green-trailing. I learned about the negative impact man leaves behind after trekking, and also how it can be tackled. This further got me introduced to upcycling in a completely new way; since then, upcycling has utterly intrigued me, even my final year project is based on it. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I won’t be able to present it. I have become a huge admirer of the communities that practice this brainy art; I dedicate this page to them.

Ecopurple is here to create awareness and to highlight the communities that practice the green principles to give a sustainable by-product, who work leaving less to zero footprint. 

The doors are open for all of you who can add value, and contribute to Ecopurple by sharing your sustainable crafts, or stories. Your eco-creativity will be featuring with pride!